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Your trade with STOCKXWERK


STOCKXWERK buys and sells Closeouts, production and stock overhang, not moved product and production, bankruptcy goods, as well as missproduction.


Textile - Footwear - household articles - electronics - household electronics & accessoires/ equipment - sport articles- drugstore and cosmetics - paper and toiletteries - Tools & DIY - Garden Articles - Ceramics - Toys - Special Sales - Food - Sweets - Drinks & Spirits - MHD products


STOCKXWERK is buying:

  • from Industry and trade

  • only large lots

  • only for its own stocks

  • with restrictions

  • Food and NonFood

  • Label & NoName

STOCKXWERK is selling:

  • to retail and wholesale

  • only ex Works

  • Label & NoName

  • worldwide

  • from 1 truck/ Container (also mixed)

  • no computers and TV (with exceptions)

A worldwide network of partners ensures our customers and partners the information advantage, which is important for the success in the trade. As a German trading house for Closeouts and stocklot with years of experience, we stand for professional work in an international market which is moving every day.
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